James’ priorities center around preserving individual freedoms and defending the rights outlined in the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions. James believes that government has a limited role to advance the general welfare of the residents of Idaho and allow our businesses and families to thrive.

Education– An effective public education system must allow schools to be responsive to their communities. Parents have the right to guide their student’s education and help set an education agenda that imparts shared values and builds practical knowledge and skills. School choice is a critical piece of the puzzle – offering substantive options for college and career pathways, classroom structure, curriculum focus, and special needs of students. James has always supported these student-centered options in the Legislature.

Protecting our Constitutional Rights– James has always protected and defended our constitution. While in the legislature, he has fought for Idahoans’ right to make their own medical decisions, for all jobs to be considered essential, for freedom to worship and for Idahoans’ right to bear arms, which is woven into the fabric of our country’s history. As a Veteran, James, he will continue to lead the fight against government overreach and overregulation in the state of Idaho.

Managed Growth– As a Meridian resident for the past 27 years, James has seen firsthand the tremendous growth of our city. Citizens of district 20 are being affected by our rapid increase in population, increase in property taxes, increase in home prices, and increase in traffic congestions. For families and businesses to thrive, the state needs to invest in our roads, bridges, and other transportation projects, while continuing to lower our citizens’ tax burden. James is committed to continuing to fight for your family’s future. He has worked to provide Idahoans with the largest infrastructure investment in our state’s history and has supported multiple tax cut bills.

Public Safety and Supporting Law Enforcement– James has demonstrated a commitment to Backing the Blue. We must build and maintain a safe community, or you can expect all other priorities to fall short. By maintaining a safe community. James Is proudly endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. He was also awarded Legislator of the Year by the Fraternal Order of Police in 2019 and Legislator of the Year by the Professional Firefighters of Idaho in 2020.

Second Amendment Rights– The right to bear arms is woven into the fabric of our country’s history. James is a staunch supporter of this right, and as a Veteran, he will lead the fight against government overreach and overregulation here in Idaho.